Pharmaceuticals being one of the most sensitive cargoes is prone to damages & requires immense care while handling. Our expertise in handling Pharma products ensures that you cargo will reach the destination in sound condition.









Agro products

Time being the essence in shipping agro products, we take utmost care in the planning process so that we are always ahead to time. This makes sure that the agro cargo is received in fresh condition.

We also have our own sister concern company Jyothi Job EXIM  which specializes in trading of agro products all over the world.





Hazardous goods

We also specialize in handling hazardous goods irrespective of the class in which it belongs. While handling hazardous goods we makes safety as our first priority so that the people & cargo around the hazardous goods are safe.














Engineering goods

We also take care of heavy duty engineering goods. We ensure that these goods are placed appropriately inside the cargo to ensure the stability of the container & at the same time safety of the cargo.








ODC cargoes

A good amount of experience in handling project cargoes & having the right team to handle Over Dimensional Cargoes makes it easy for us to ensure that however huge or heavy the cargo, it will reach the destination as soon as possible with the optimum freight.